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Mager - Banned words


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Ban reason: Banned for using the R word twice in one day after having been warned about saying it nine days ago.

Length of ban:  Banned until appeal

Events leading to the ban: ı warned for using in dead chat so ı thought its banned for ooc , ı wasnt know it is a banned word in ic too.
Reason the ban should be removed: ı apologize it wont happen again.

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  • Game Admin

There is no need do be demeaning to other players to get a point across, The rules apply in game and in lobby, ooc, dead chat etc. Its about just treating people with respect. I suggest you get on board with that mentality as if you here again for the breaking the rules and being discriminatory to others, its unlikely you will be unbanned.
Appeal accepted - Ban reduced down to 3 days in line with banning policy.

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