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TarinG - Game Ban Appeal: Slurs


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Ban Reason: Slurs
Length of Ban: Unsure
Events leading to the ban: I had my cousin and my brother visit, and we were collectively taking turns playing shifts on the "Miros sever" for an hour or so. I went to go get something to eat and returned to the two of them laughing, saying something in chat (which I assume now, was or what came before was the slur) however I just shrugged it off assuming they said something out of pocket and harmless, however, I know (seeing that I am banned) that is not the case and that one of them has infact typed a slur in the chat.
Reason the ban should be removed: I myself will not send slurs, and I doubt I will be letting them play SS14 on my PC again hence if this occurs again you can assume I sent them.

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