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ban appeal again lol


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Character name: Patrick Bateman
When was the ban: Back in december (appealed already)
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard.
Your side of the story: I don't know I wasn't online.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I have appealed this already and have been told that I made up the story, I did not, however i will retell it.
My little brother came into my room telling me he was perma banned and then I went on to the game and found out I was banned.
I don't know what he did, because he didn't tell me. This appears to be an ip ban so i can not join any of the wizard servers.

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1 hour ago, PGCHIMPISBACK said:

their account name is CEO_of_Free_Smiley_Faces

That account has never connected or attempted to connect to our servers.

It’s also completely moot because your account is the one banned.

You’re trying to tell me that the reason why you, PGCHIMPISBACK, are banned, is because your brother broke half of the rules that you were banned for (but not all of them!) on their own account (that hasn’t ever played on a Wizard Den server)? You can understand why we find that hard to believe, right?


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