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SneedGEPH - Station Sabotage and Metacomms


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Ban reason: "Station Sabotage as non antag, cutting power to departments and metacomms with JohnPatrickAnderson in Leviathan #38298"
Length of ban: Permanently 
Events leading to the ban: I was playing trying to acquire a stun weapon from Cargo, after being denied it by the guy behind the counter at cargo I left and decided to cut power to cargo. I went and cut some power to cargo before I was caught. After I was caught I left cargo and did not continue any kind of sabotage. I did see someone drag a fuel cell away into cargo while scouting out the area to sabotage and someone was following the person into the walls. I assume that was also Anderson however I did not inspect them nor do I remember what they looked like. Afterwards I was bumming around In Medical when JohnPatrickAnderson blew up a fuel cart. I know it was Anderson because I inspected him while he was being stabbed by someone else. Long after this I left the station on the shuttle and the same guy from cargo whom denied my request mentioned me by name. He was then shot and I assumed killed by security for not leaving the control room.

  Reason the ban should be removed: I was unaware that station sabotage was not allowed as a non antag, especially in a none Mature RP server. I should have read the rules more carefully and that Is my fault entirely and I will not do anything against the rules just to spite another player.  As for the metacomms with JohnPartickAnderson: I do not know who that is. I have never met him before. I was in Medical when he blew up a fuel cart, I saw him do it and I was possibly near him when he attempted to do the same at cargo (if that was him I don't know how to check that). I am a new player to this game and would like to continue playing on Leviathan promising to not do anything against the rules again. If possible could the ban sentence at least be reduced? 

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