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sawa666 - Use of racial slurs and variations of them


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Ban reason: gamer words

Length of ban: permanent

Events leading to the ban: I admit to using the N-word and its variations on several occasions, though I can't recall the specific context each time. There were instances when I used it in jest and others when frustration led me to utter it. My intention was never to cause offense; rather, it was a reflection of my character's antics and a particular way of expressing myself. I genuinely wasn't aware of the zero-tolerance policy regarding such language, and I now understand the importance of maintaining a respectful environment. Moving forward, I am committed to adjusting my language and ensuring it aligns with the community's guidelines.

Reason the ban should be removed: While I understand the gravity of my inappropriate language and the impact it may have had, I sincerely believe that the circumstances surrounding my use of the offensive word and several variations of it were a result of a lapse in judgment and not a reflection of my true character. I acknowledge the importance of maintaining a respectful and inclusive online environment, and I am committed to adhering strictly to community guidelines moving forward.

Furthermore, while I understand the complexities surrounding language and cultural sensitivity, I'd like to express the perspective that, as a player portraying a black character, my intention was to authentically represent the character's experiences and dialogue. In this context, the use of the N-word and its variations were an attempt to stay true to the character's identity and cultural background, rather than perpetuating harm or promoting offensive language.

I recognize the need for careful consideration and respectful use of such language, and I am committed to fostering a gaming environment that values inclusivity and cultural awareness. I have taken the time to educate myself on the significance of such language and its potential harm. I genuinely regret my actions and assure you that I have learned from this experience. Granting me the opportunity to rejoin the community will allow me to demonstrate my commitment to positive and considerate interactions in the future.


With heartfelt thanks,


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  • Game Admin

This has been put to admin discussion and vote and the consensus is to deny this appeal.
In addition to this, it is clear you don't want to put any effort in to the appeal and are using AI to write this appeal, If you wish to attempt to appeal again in the future you will be required to submit the appeal in a hand written form with a picture of it as a submission.
Appeal denied - you may re-appeal after your forum ban finishes in 2 months.

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