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discord_username: doktornokk [discord ban]


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ban time: 16.11.2023 first 24 hours timeout then perma discord ban

Event: Some game admins ban us for trivial reasons and send us to the forum to appeal the ban, and we miss the entire round. Moreover, he banned me right during the event. Anyway... I told him that this was a childish action and that the admin who did this was a teenager. I was about to continue my speech, but they timed me out before I even finished my speech. I got angry and wrote shitmod to the admin who sent me a 24 hour toll. That's why he banned me 

I thought admins were volunteers. Why do they act like gods superior to us when we can argue like humans? Will they timeout us for every word we say? This is not really an individual other than being a manager and abusing power. And yes, this is definitely ego satisfaction. Because I express my opinion, I take a timeout of not 10 minutes, not 1 hour, but 1 day. Great indeed. I really don't understand why admins act like hitler. Or is this North Korea? They are the only ones right, we are all wrong, right?

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  • Moderators

For context of the discord ban: 


Then you decided to send all this to me when I timed you out for throwing a fit after being banned for ERP/Sexual comments.


If you think saying a word that constitutes towards rule 0 ban is "trivial" and that you're more worried about missing a round counts as an appeal. It doesn't but that's a separate appeal.

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  • Game Admin

There is no joy derived from adminning. The reason you hear "we're all volunteers" is because none of us do this for fun. We do it because we like SS14 and want to keep a stable and healthy community (At the very least I do). So don't go throwing around meaningless accusations just because you were upset. As the players are humans, so too are the staff, act like a jackass and you will most certainly be treated as one.

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  • Project Manager

Coming into the discord to vent about a ban and then insinuate that they have family issues and that they should be beaten just because they banned you is pretty shitty. It's especially shitty when you consider they're just enforcing the rules that you yourself said you forgot in your game ban appeal. On top of that you went out of your way to continue antagonizing the moderator who timed you out which is what escalated this into a ban to begin with, as opposed to just the 24 hour timeout you originally received.

Appeal denied, you can appeal this discord ban again in two weeks. In the meantime, I highly recommend getting control over your own anger issues. If you're going to treat volunteer game staff like a doormat whenever you don't get your way, then you won't be a part of the community. Simple as.

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