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Ban reason: metacomming
Length of ban: forever
Events leading to the ban: In my first game, a friend was trying to teach me how to play the game, but as I didn't know anything about the game, I ended up breaking a rule to try to understand a little about the game, unfortunately I ended up getting a permanent ban, that was a long time ago and I didn't open the game after that.
Reason the ban should be removed: 
I would like to be able to enjoy some of the experience of the game and learn how to play, this time following the rules exactly and have a second chance.


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  • Game Admin

Just make sure your not using out of game communication to try learn, if you ask about in game most people are happy to teach you the ropes. There are also a lot of good tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/@Liltenhead to understand some of the mechanics.
Some rules have changed since you last joined they will show on connect but can also be viewed here:

Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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