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Moldiworp - Erp, said: Hammy is going to be sexually abused


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Ban reason: [Erp, said: Hammy is going to be sexually abused]
Length of ban: [Until Appealed]
Events leading to the ban: [Day before I got temp banned for similar, saying as a PAI that the chef means to abuse me (I was being a dickhead, he made no indication of that at all). Day after I am ghosting, watching a man trap hammy in an office, says "I'm going to do unspeakable(?) things to you". I took that out of context and assumed that he meant sexual abuse, which was not at all the case. I then said this in dead chat, right next to an admin ghost. ]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I've thoroughly read the rules, corrected my behavior. I'll be frank: Drinking and this game dont mix. So I won't be doing that again ]

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