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[JosephBallsPenis] Engi Roleban


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Role(s): Engineering
Length of ban: I don't know - there is no mention of my roleban in /adminremarks
Events leading to the ban: I joined midround as station engineer and was syndi agent. When I joined server it said game timer was 22 minutes.  15-20 minutes later in the round I singuloosed, hoping it would kill my target or give me a good opportunity to accomplish some objectives during the panic.
Reason the ban should be removed: When I joined it said the game time was 00:22 which I thought meant it was already 22 minutes into round and then I waited 15 to 20 minutes so it should have been after 30 minutes that I mass sabotaged.  I was punished for mass grief before 30 minutes but game timer should have been well past 30 minutes when I singuloosed.  Admin that banned me was also bringing up my previous warns as reason for role banning me despite my warns being from when I was just learning the department and i now have ~40 hours of playtime since I was last warned as engi for anything.

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  • Game Admin

Alright, Ill drop the role ban as time served. The longer ban would be due to the history of sabotage issues you've shown in the past. I'm happy to give the benefit of the doubt here with the learning curve but if the sabotage issues continue it will just be server bans next time.

On a side note I highly recommend you change your username, in not going to ban for it now but that's not to say you wont get banned for it later down the track for ERP/sexual themes rule breaks.

Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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