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Jeebus0 - another dumb sex joke as said by the admin


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Ban reason: I wrote "anyone play sex with hitler? in the main lobby chat
Length of ban: until YOU accept this appeal (yes you)
Events leading to the ban: after the round ended we were chatting as usual, then someone said "anyone play fortnite" or some other game. People started following with other games and I remembered the existence of this fine title and so I wrote it in. After the round started the space gods sent me to the shadow realm.
Reason the ban should be removed: Since it was a somewhat no ERP rule offense even though it wasnt really rp I guess I am lucky to not have a perma ban. I just like the game but wont really be too sad if I have to visit another server.

I dont remember the exact date but I think it was like 2 months ago

just incase the server name is Wizards den lizard

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  • Project Manager

The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. While what you did wasn't ERP, it does violate the rule which says 


Erotic Roleplay (commonly abbreviated as "ERP") and any sexual content is strictly forbidden. This includes direct and indirect mentions of sexual behavior or actions.

In addition to other issues, there appear to be multiple instances where you've been warned for sexual content in the past. Depending on context, references to hitler are generally also considered an issue, though the primary reason for rejecting this appeal appears to be due to your history of issues with sexual content and in general. You can appeal again no sooner than 2 weeks from now


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