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fourhydraheads - I liked a transphobic post on twitter in February


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Discord account: fourhydraheads
Date of ban: February of this year
Events leading to the ban: Someone in the discord was saying that they hated America, I defended if I remember right, they said I had a bad pfp cause it had a American flag, someone said I was liking things that they didn't like. After an moderator looked and saw I liked a post about being against the transitioning of minors I was banned until further notice.

Reason the ban should be removed: I would like to contribute to the community as I have artistic talents, I also would like to get into the whitelisted server. I've seen it a few times in videos and it looks like everyone is less violent and more available for a funny interaction. I believe it was lavender who reviewed me last and said I would be more successful given more time had past. I hope that was true.

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