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Unban Appeal for Ranbee #2


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SS14 account username: Ranbee

Ban reason: "Huge asshole in chat logs + talking about content not permitted under ERP rules. Appeal @ forum.ss14.io"

Date of ban: Unknown

Length of ban: "This ban is appeal only"

Events leading to the ban: I was being a jerk in the chat, using really bad language, and talking about things I shouldn't have. There's no excuse for my behavior, and I'm really sorry. Nothing specific triggered it; I was just being awful.
Reason the ban should be removed: I know I messed up, and the ban was totally fair. I want to say I'm really sorry for what I said and did. I get that it may have disrupted the game for others and that's not okay. I'm not trying to say I didn't do anything wrong, I just want a chance to show I can be better. I promise I won't use offensive language or break any rules again. I understand what I said was out of line, and I'm sure of the fact that it won't happen anymore.

Much love ❤️

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  • Game Admin

Alright it was over a year ago now and you seem to have had some positive reflection for it based on your appeal.
Make sure to have a read of our rules again as they have been updated since last time you were on. The ERP rule extends to sexual themes so I suggest to make sure not to break any of the zero tolerance rules again.
Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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