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The0ddsAreAgainstMe - "Not working with team"


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Ban reason: Antag team sabotaged / being a dick: Disregarded any plans made by team"
Length of ban: 10,000 minutes
Events leading to the ban: Normal Nukie round with some disagreement between me and the commander. Towards the end of the round, a guy came up and began shooting us with a laser gun, nobody was doing anything about it, and were mostly recruits meaning that they didn't have guns. I shot him with a China Lake round downing one of my teammates. Another one showed up and began shooting me. He shot me somewhat low and kept coming at me so I was forced to shoot him with my china lake killing me and him. Eventually, I was banned later.
The reason the ban should be removed: Nobody on my team disagreed with me besides the commander, and I repeatedly asked him to make a plan but he wouldn't. I told my team I was going to bomb cargo while they attacked medical and everyone agreed with me. The commander was all pissy about it but had no plan in mind, instead, he just wanted to attack the station at random. Before I left for cargo, I told him where medical was (in a calm manner) and he said something along the lines of, "fuck off." I admit I was a bit pissy in dead chat but that was because my team THREW captain into space (flukies). I never tried to sabotage my team and I didn't immediately fire my china lake rounds on the ship, nobody was firing and these guys just kept invading the ship forcing me to use my weapon. This is also the reason why I attacked cargo instead of with my team was to prevent friendly fire. 

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  • Game Admin

The main issue here is really that you were a toxic player to the rest of your team for no reason other than you wanted to win and some expectation they should be better, you acknowledge that they rest of the team was new but choose to not play as a team or help but start salting in chat at them and go off an play solo.

You've also tried to bypass the appeals process by direct messaging me.
I recommend you take some time to touch the grass, If your in a team maybe try helping people instead of shitting on them.
Appeal denied - Ban stands.

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