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What is Deathsquad?


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Well I know what it means, but what is it alignment-wise?
NT hired them, but they kill everybody, and they use contraband like microbombs, but they are ERT, so I'm lost on wether they are antags or not.

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They're essentially an eviction crew.

The Deathsquad is usually only sent when Nanotrasen's Central Command deems the station and all of it's crew (including the entire command section and the captain) to be such utter failures that drastic measures need to be taken. This measure is the cancelling of all work contracts. This results in the crew legally speaking becoming trespassers on Nanotrasen property. And to make you regret your mistakes extra hard they're sending in the eviction crew. The Deathsquadron.

And no, they are not part of the Emergency Response Team. The ERT is sent to actually assist the station in whatever way they can until their mission is complete. 

Now how come they use contraband? Deeper Space Station lore and I might be wrong about some of this. But here is what I think I know. First of; Nanotrasen is part of the Syndicate but this is something we, the crew, do not know. Imagine a bunch of too-big-to-fail space corporations all sabotaging each other while also loosely working together and us being the blissfully ignorant 9 to 5 wageslave crew. This explains how the Deathsquad, Nanotrasen's elite, has access to "syndie gear".

It's basically soft-canon that the nukies for example are actually called in by Nanotrasen itself to commit insurance fraud. You know, blowing up the station to cash out big time.

Also; the captain of the station is not a big player in the grand scheme of things. Imagine them to be like the manager of the local establishment of a fast food chain that spans the entire globe.

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They use Nanotrasen brand contraband but it isn't labeled as such to save space on renamed entities

Our current ERT military grade hardsuits use the same amount of armor plating as cybersun nuclear operatives (they are the same stat-wise)


Its nothing to do with oh theyre using contraband it's just a backend thing.

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