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DaMinah1337 - "R-slur after previous warning"


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Ban reason : "R-slur after previous warning"
Length of ban : appeal only
Events leading to ban: honestly, i don't know? this happened while i was asleep and now that I'm awake i have no memory of saying the r word. the closest i can remember is talking about the R.P.E.D. tool without using the dots a few times, but i don't even recall getting bwoinked, so I'm confused about that too.
Reason why the ban should be removed: I'm either incredibly schizo and have forgotten what actually happened (in which case i do apologise and ask that i can earn a ticket to unban me in the future) or this is a big misunderstanding about an embarassing mistype i may have done (and will be very cautious about in the future).

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