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game appeal from a long ass time ago


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Ban reason: Comments to Erp, used slur after previous warning(forget which one) remembered previous life after taking PAI..
Length of ban: Perm
Events leading to the ban: so I took a Mimes pAI while they were unconscious because of low o2 and pressure I saved their life. after that they then somehow accurately described me to sec, had me apprehended and I was pissed. They then didn't let me explain, Ended up killing me cause I was telling them to go away and have sex with the clown. After that I took the pAI and started saying that she was pety and really had me jailed and killed just for a pAI and calling her a whore too.
Reason the ban should be removed: Been a long ass time I have changed would love to try and play the game again without needing to learn Russian as this is the only popular and active English server.

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  • Game Admin

It has been almost a year now with the ban, On return please remember Slurs(Several instances of you calling people retarded) and sexual content are zero tolerance and not permitted. Please have a re-read of the Rules on return as they have updated since you last played.
Keep in mind any repeat of previous behavior will result if a heavier ban for you.
Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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