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Banned for self antag


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Ban reason: [RDM/self-antag. As the CMO, killed everyone else on the station]
Length of ban: [Appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [joined a skeleton crew round on miros, was banned from head roles at the time, the ban was almost over though. Captain forced me to be CMO because I was the only person in  medical that round, I refused the promotion due to my ban, he didn’t care. Half an hour later everyone gets bored captain kills all the animals on the station and breaks the armory open for everyone, then orders shotguns from cargo. He makes me come with him to pick them up, salv tried to kill us, kills cap and I kill him. Figure that the round has gone to shit and no one would care to much if I killed everyone else.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I think my ban should be removed for one main reason, one I have the time to reflect on my actions and how they would have made the other people playing the game feel, which was probably not very happy.

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  • Game Admin

It sounds like you understand, low pop rounds are not an excuse to be a shitter.
I'll remove the game ban now but leave the command ban on for another week as it looked like that was only partially served.
Appeal accepted. - unbanned.

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