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RyanStrudfelt, Chief_Engineer - IceStormtheDragon: Round Number 37028

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Issue: Admin event

Subject: Unknown

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Yes

Policies or Expectations Violated: Admin Policy "Admin events should be done in moderation without heavily altering the flow of the round"

Detailed Summary: In round 37028, the admin ended up spawning a skeleton army during a revolution round, just for the reason of the skeletons causing problems to the station for both sides, which ended up with security having no way out as they couldn't even run into space due to the skeletons abilities to follow, aswell as spawning in ERTs later in the round which ruined the round for the revolution side aswell, which just made majority the players upset on both sides as the admin railroaded the shift into a Low roleplay mess of skeletons and ERTs

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The spawns appear to have been done by RyanStrudfelt during Salamander round 37028. A post I made related to Halloween events might be interpreted as making me a subject of this complaint, so I'll be recusing myself from completing this complaint myself. I'll update the title of this thread to fit the format in a moment. I believe I've found someone who can handle the complaint.

Here is the post that I made and referenced above:



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Posted (edited)

Sorry for the extreme delay on this, I'll take it from here.
It has been chosen to reject this complaint since the staff member is not seen as at fault.

 - Round 37028's replay will not function. Instead logs, records and word of mouth were used for the findings.

1- Admin policy states: "Admin events should be done in moderation without heavily altering the flow of the round" however has a sub-point: "Heavily round-altering admin events should be voted for by the playerbase with customvote and only done on Extended"
2- The last recorded event on Salamander was the round prior to the incident at hand, in the form of a seemingly low stress CentComm inspector event.
3- The gamemode was not set on extended.
4- RyanStrudfelt reported in the event record that a vote was run asking the players if they wanted something scary, it was reported that the majority said yes. Logs prove this:ZuSXkPHm32KEA-j8uoROA4zX5bsj6pq5J2Q4SJSsKw5IPipLlc98-SU1jtsbEDv-ggoMuD3Ou0A6OmFdF-GoW4Vywv2DTZ-FEzyeMv-PeDDGlH8aX5NICwfh-G4swjaHF0a_NRbHf0itIaCrnWIdP8c
5- Logs indicate the vote was run during the round, not in the lobby.
6- It is reasonable to assume the players would understand that an event vote mid-round is an addition to the already on-going gamemode.
7- Chief_Engineer's post is not seen as involved due to how this would have been acceptable in any circumstance.

Resulting Actions;
A- RyanStrudfelt was informed of the situation and asked to give his knowledge of the happenings.
B- RyanStrudfelt specifically requested that an apology for you not enjoying the event be added.

Edited by Nairod
Resulting Action B
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