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Zophero - Rolebans for previous actions


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Roles : HOP, HOS, Captain.

Time : Infinite until appeal

Events : I was banned from all head roles due to actions as captain, such as going off-station and into the operative’s base. [more in my previous appeal] This was lifted to only a ban for the three main heads.

Reason for ban removal : It has been over a year since I was banned, and I matured a lot during that time. I’ve also played SS14 inbetween that year on both official and unofficial servers, and I feel as if its helped me a lot with many problems I had originally.

Thanks for reading this.

Previous head role appeal here [aka the reason why I'm only banned from 3 roles] : 

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  • Game Admin

I don't see any recent issues and it has been a long time since the ban. Please refresh your self on the command/Sec rules section if you will play those roles. Some of the role timers were generally increased too so you may need to play more of the prerequisite roles to get back in to them.
Appeal accepted. - ban removed.

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