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User: Namik, Banned For Refering To In Game Action On End Game Lobby


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Ban reason: for saying quote "consider following: kill yourself"
Length of ban: perma
Events leading to the ban: i basically was talking with lucky on F1, he forced me to become syndicate and i played along, i dediced to bomb security one last time at shuttle and to just make it interesting, i stand at door and said quote: "uhh, consider following, kill youself" and throwed bomb inside, so then round ended, we were talking and laughing about it and just to make clarify that was me, i repeated that quote in OOC and laughed, i said "i gotta slee, se y all tomorrow" and when i wake up, there was permaban.......
Reason the ban should be removed: i had no bad intentions whatsoever, i was just refering to that moment and laughing, now i am no longer laughing... plase remove my ban, thank your for listening.

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  • Game Admin

After confering with Lucky, I was able to verify part of your story. 

Looking through this and seeing the context, I think it is fair to say that you've spent enough time off the game waiting for this appeal to be processed and the likelyhood that this was a misunderstanding or honest mistake appears to be reasonably high. 

I'm going to ask that you refrain from such comments in ooc, as they are most often always taken poorly and will likely result in a game ban. 

Appeal accepted.


Everything's fine, until it isnt...

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