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Appeal Ban - thebetterbutter


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Ban reason: ERP Zero tollerance
Length of ban: via appeal
Events leading to the ban: I had been doing my role as Head of Personnel when a man started making suggestive comments with me. I responded in the same way, jokingly, then went back to doing my own buisness. The entire ordeal lasted about 4-5 minutes, with no one else having a problem with the situation other than the admin. I then continued doing my role, serving people, and the admin explained to me how the rules for the server had a no tolerance policy for sexual roleplay. He then promptly banned me on the spot, while I was trying to answer the request of another person.
Reason the ban should be removed: One could argue that nothing explicitly sexual was said, other than the very first action that was simply answering the request of the other person involved. I was doing everything else right, and continued promptly after the fact, having not made a lasting impression on everyone surrounding us.

The action referenced was me using the emote "gives cock". Semantically, it doesn't make any sense. It never was supposed to make sense. It was a humerously-intended response. I'd also like to add that this happened in the context of a Low Roleplay server, which tolerates situations, and I have seen things said and done in the time I spent on server Leviathan that perfectly matches this general ambiance of goofiness.

Nothing devolved from this interaction, and I limited my responses as to not break the very rule I was banned for. I find the response of the admin very unempathetic, and honestly pretty lazy. I understand he was following his protocol, but he had clearly seen what had gone on, and didn't try to do anything about it apart from banning me.

Thank you for responding promptly, have a nice day.

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  • Project Manager

Admin consensus is to deny this appeal. There was more going on than you're implying, and other people certainly were able to hear it. It is a zero tolerance rule due to the fact minors can play on our server. You may reappeal two weeks from now.


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