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Ban Appeal NeptuneZvezda 2:00pm-2:20pm


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Ban reason: "F Slur. Biggotry is not allowed on the server"
Length of ban: Assuming Perma as unlisted
Events leading to the ban: [2pm-2:20pm EST] During a Shift as Sec a Non-ID'd Player was Running around the corridors insulting Several players which happened over the course of the game, a some point my Items had been stolen by said player with no other Sec Assisting the the Arrest of player (Likely more busy with important thing happening).
After which i had gotten quite Furious (with added anger for disappointing previous rounds of Revolutionaries) and had starting to make chase for this person and attack them starting with the gun which after running out of shots and hitting them 4 times, had tried to throw back into sec to safely store away from others but missed the inside.
Then Proceeding to Follow this player with Stun Baton hit a Multitude of time doing seeming nothing to them.
Completing a Lap around the corridors the player was able to pick up the gun and continue running away with it. Where after rounding the corner ran into a soap a unrelated player threw on the ground which led the the escape of the "annoyance" was able to recollect both baton and gun went back into the Sec Office.
Sitting for about 2 mins before boiling with enough anger had chosen to vent said anger with a extremely short Note (Formatted "[Bold][color=purple][head=2] No ID Havers are Faggots [/bold][/color][/head] which I faxed to a multitude of departments before being swiftly banned with as far I can tell no bwoink to warn me to stop mispaging in such a childish fashion.

I understand why it is not approved behavior that I should not have done at all and either just filed a admin report of my own or just left the server to not cause such disruptions. 
I do still really enjoy this game and would like to continue playing  (Though maybe sticking with Med and Chem) and having fun with friends I am making amongst the servers (primarily vulture as I liked the lighter player count)

Reason the ban should be removed: Both knowing the tolerance of such behavior as well as this first time ban I hope to stay humbled enough to not cause further Issues which could lead to a less enjoyable experience for players. As such I shall Additionally try to avoid situations that may induce such anger in the first place as well as more properly manage such feeling outside of experience in a healthy way.
i hope you accept this Appeal and to see you in game once again

(Unrelated to ban) I'm worried I crashed vulture last night is the server okay?


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