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Banned for yelling 'Allah akbah before bombing the bar'


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Ban reason: [Yelling allah akbah before bombing the bar as an antag]
Length of ban: [Appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [I was a syndicate chaplain and I had a gimmick on my mind for some time where I would demand the bartenders to stop serving alcohol and if they declined, I would throw a holy hand grenade at them, on round 36212 I did exactly that, I recieved no ahelp about it for a few days afterward and was quietly appeal only banned while I was offline]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I had thought of the gimmick long ago and at the time I saw no issue with it, but after being reminded of the isreal-gaza conflict recently I can 100% understand how that could have been taken badly despite no ill intent. nobody wants to be reminded of atrocities, especially when playing a game to escape reality, I am intensely sorry and will refrain from using that and similar language in the future, and especially now. I will do better]

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  • Game Admin

From your appeal I'm confident you understand the point now. But you should consider looking past the relation to the current conflict and know propagating this stereotype just reinforces an idea that hurts real people in the long run, there is no point painting an entire people and religion in to a box for some joke. It just continues a cycle of hate needlessly.

Appeal accepted - ban removed.

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