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Evalya — Appealing a Discord Ban Regarding Toxicity (I think)


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Discord account:

Date of ban:
Sometime during 2022, likely early in the year.

Events leading to the ban:
I was being more generally rude/annoying than I had any right to be, and the admins likely saw me as a troll/instigator, especially since I was rude to them as well, which ultimately led to my ban. Looking at my old appeal from a while ago (and recalling from my hazy memory), the arguing began when I started asking questions about what features and the like are planned in-game, to which people started jokingly/mockingly telling me to code it myself, and it seemed like the bickering just grew from that and eventually I was banned.

Reason the ban should be removed:
First off, while I'm not going to justify my inappropriate hostility in the Discord, I will reassert that I believe most of my perceived toxicity was retaliatory as I was facing a lot of passive aggressiveness from other server members and an admin too if I recall correctly; I agree that it was still unacceptable but I hope you can try and understand why I acted the way I did.

It's been around a year and a half since my previous appeal, which isn't the longest amount of time but I do sincerely believed I have matured at least a bit and have learnt to be much more relaxed and not see jests/teases as an instigating "challenge". I don't have any objective reasons why I should be unbanned but I promise that if I am unbanned you'll see in my behavior that I won't bring any harm or issues to the community.

While not exactly a reason to unban me, there is very little chance I'd be able to appeal my in-game ban if I stay banned from the Discord. I am still banned from the Wizard's Den servers and am left with a very limited selection of servers. The only way I can appeal my in-game ban is through receiving a voucher, and that is going to be very difficult if I can't even interact with most of the community, that being the Discord server; this is probably the biggest reason I want to be unbanned, and as said earlier, I hope you can understand why this appeal is important to me.

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Don't mean to "necro-post" (I believe that's the term?) but I don't mean for the "(I think)" in this post's title to seem like I'm denying my toxicity, I wrote the title before looking at my previous appeals to jog my memory on what happened and then forgot to change the title, sorry!

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