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Jackshit, server ban appeal.


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Ban reason: ''calling other users rapists NO ERP''

Length of ban: Will not be removed until appealed 
Events leading to the ban: It was a long and boring shift as atmos, so I was just fucking around since nothin was happening. Anyways, my character and bartender got into a fight for a stupid reason, it got heated, he shot me and thus my character wanted revenge. I took my revenge, he took his, but he had the last laugh, he had me in cuffs and won't let me go. No one including sec didn't help me, so I shouted names in order to call more attention to situation, as a little stupid joke, I called him names like ''kidnapper, murderer ect.'' one of the names was ''rapist''. after this an admin warned me, pointed out my behaviour and how it is restriced in the server. I said ''welp I didn't know that I am sorry''. after ''warn'' some mins passed and I got perma banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: I made a mistake. The ''joke'' didn't land and I broke a server rule, however, I didn't know calling people rapist counted as ''ERP'', just didn't think it would. And I belive getting perma banned without any warn is a bit cruel considering I had no idea, however, I learned something that I didn't know, and its not gonna happen again. I didn't mean to do any harm, If anyone was offended, I am sorry, I didn't know. I just want to play this beautiful game with you people.

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  • Game Admin

The ERP part in the reason is its the heading of that rule but it does encompass sexual themes too and it is a zero tolerance rule. You can view it here.

I've reviewed the chat from that round and didn't see any other parts of the chat in that round moving that way and you seem have reflected on the situation based on you appeal reasoning, I will remove the ban, just moving forward I would suggest to have a quick read of the top 5 or so rules as they are zero tolerance ones and will land you in quite hot water if stepped in to again.

Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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