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DarkDan ban appeal


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Ban reason: [Over escalating with the clown as a secoff and ban evasion somehow??]
Length of ban: [Not stated that why I am kind off upset]
Events leading to the ban: [I joined the round as a secoff, get my gear and head to patrol. See the clown fallow command into the bridge, I fallow. Clown is slipping people, I was told to arrest the clown I tried to use my baton and disabler but the clown taking the baton and throwing them into disposals. I wait for disposals to recharge and go after them. Look through maints and find the clown in med attempt the arrest. The, captain put out a AOS after the bridge situation. Clown at this point has had there hands on a baton use my disabler and get slipped they take it and throw it, I pick it up and get them with it then apply cuffs. Take back to sec prosses and a 6 min sentience is placed. Clown runs when I remove cuffs and tries to go for disposals, they are caught. During the searching the clown did not seem to have the baton in there backpack, I concluded it was likely they had a storage implant. We arrest and get them back in the cell for 8 min now. Clown runs again and they are apprehended, at this point we are getting tired of the shittery. Well returning them to the cell I say "Ima shoot him if he runs again" warden and hos say nothing about this so I assume they agreed due to the high levels of shittery. Then as we get the cell closed with the help of a flashbang we step back. Then the clown uses a EMP implant as I can see the power around them go out and the emp particles around there cell. Well that happened a lone op breaches the armory and sec is getting overrun I open the clowns cell to evacuate them to another spot on the station until sec is safe. I open the door to the clowns cell they run and go down disposals. I fallow after it recharges. I assume the clown has the baton in a storage implant and a emp implant as well, clearly a syndicate agent warranting a higher level of force. Attempt to arrest clown in med clown slips me and goes disposals. I head to disposals maints and find the clown, at this point they have escaped arrest 4 times and has shown that they have a emp implant. Therefore I conclude the clown likely will use the emp when I attempt the arrest with a baton or disabler. Therefor, they have a baton and a emp implant and anything else in there storage implant. I use lethal force as this is there 4th time running from sec and has demonstrated that they have a emp implant. Also, the station is at red alert and there is a lone op at sec so lots is happening. I use my mk58 and kill the clown. This is a just use of force considering the alert level, the 4 previous escape attempts, them likely having a baton and them having a emp implant. This falls under the rule of "as conflict continues with someone IC, repeated conflicts may eventually lead to homicide if escalated properly" also "Resisting security generally permits security to upgrade their response against your actions to effect your arrest, however they should generally only be using lethal force in the protection of their own life or the life of the crew at large" In this case my life was in danger as they have used a emp implant so they can pull a viper out of there uplink at any moment, also my tools for non lethal arrest are likely to be disabled if I go into close range due to the emp. They have not just resisted 4 time but actively escaped 4 times counting up of your escalation guide lines places me on lethal as well. "Verbal -> Physical  -> Non-Lethal (this is what i was aiming for so I can crit them and then take to med and get the implants removed) -> Lethal." I fire on the clown and crit them they fake there death and I move into cuff them. I cuff them then get a notification on my phone IRL from my local 911 fire dispatch. I am a volunteer firefighter in Woolwich county Ontario my Ip connections show that I connect from that area where I live. The way the system works is as soon as someone calls 911 and dispatch deems we might be needed we get a "standby" notification our orders are to open the app and await the call type where the dispatch requests specific units based on the nature of the call. I put my phone on my lap and wait to see if my battalion gets called on. At this point I in an laps of judgement and annoyance for the clowns escapes put them in a locker. I go to med and callout that the clown is dead as I decided I did need to be a good secoff and tell hos and then go back for them, as putting them i s a locker is not cool. Then my phone updates and my battalion is called to a MCV or "motor vehicle collision" that requires us to cut patients out of the wreckage. So I leave the game and rush out the door as I would like to believe that the life's of those in real life take priority. Then the admin must have opened the ahelp but I was gone I was not attempting to evade the ban I simply had to attend to those in my community. I can provide proof of my job as a volunteer fire fighter if requested I wish to keep that to a private dm or something. ]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Look I believe that the escalation was just or close to being just given the aforementioned situation. That being said my actions of putting the clown in the locker was a bad idea and is a rule violation and I take responsibility for that and am open to discussing a appropriate punishment like temporary a sec job ban. I did not attempt to evade the ban as I mentioned with my valid reason for needing to leave in a hurry. I have a good record and just got secoff unlocked I ask for you to review the ban that was placed considering it has no time on it? Thank you for taking the time to view my appeal. I am open to discus this farther. Thanks  ]

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I think this explanation makes pretty good sense. There are some minor issues i'd like to point out here:

  • Assumption of storage implant since baton was not found on clown - This isn't something you should assume the existence of simply because you don't find an item in that person's possession. There's a number of better explanations for where the baton went, i.e they simply flushed it down the disposal.
  • Assumption that the clown could possibly buy a viper from an uplink to engage you with - This also isn't something you should assume since you really only had circumstantial evidence that he might have had an EMP implant and isn't something that's realistic to assume when deciding to use lethals anyways

As for everything else, due to numerous escape attempts and general breakdown of security, lethals probably would not have been entirely unheard of here, but less lethal may have still been the better option. Lethals might have been justified given the circumstances if you had been able to properly arrest and treat the clown, but I am just going to assume that your need to leave due to Fire/EMS dispatch was real. Unfortunately our policy is to appeal ban users who cannot be reached at the time of a significant ahelp issue so they can explain their side and I think the timing was just unfortunate. That being said "ban evasion" wasn't the correct term to use here.

This ban will be lifted. Please just be careful about making assumptions based on circumstantial evidence.

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