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Katdere - banned for tiding to hard


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Ban reason: Repeated selfantag behavior 
Length of ban: [Perma]
Events leading to the ban: [So its a little odd on how to start this because I dont know what i was banned for because of what I was told. I was going about my day on meta I thought it would be a good idea to collect hos drip to go with my garb so I go about in a way I broke into HoS's office broke his locker with the intention of stealing his clothing and was gonna put a locked crate in its place I was then ahelped and asked why i was stealing and breaking into his locker I gave my reason and told this was that it was the second time I did this in the past day, I was then told I broke into armory the previous day which to be honest I have actual no clue what they are referring to I did do something along the ends of that a week ago where i  moved an entire bar into armory from space and died of liver failure but i honestly dont know. After being arrested by sec for my illegal drip I brought into sec and was given a light sentence by HoS. I was then perma banned]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I feel as the ban I received was harsh. I feel like a week ban would have been a better fit for what I have done, I was being a grubby little greytider and I need to face consequences for it but I think being given the same punishment as mass murder is a bit much. i enjoy the game, the community, and would like to remain apart of it.]

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  • Game Admin

Hello Katdere. The reason for the permanent ban is incomplete. The main reason for the permanent is that it appears you have a metagrudging list against players you believe have wronged you. Metagrudging is prohibited. Additionally it is due to the incident you had with breaking into the hos' office for their coat and headset, and a large history of notes for self antagging and over-escalation. Would you like to add anything else to your appeal?


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Thank you for giving me the reasons. I think everything below is a much better fit for the  
Reason the ban should be removed

The Metagrudging list is a meme. its a list people with things they have done IC. both good and bad its name is a joke and is just used to remember certain people. this stems from me pointing out someone being mean in LOOC and saying "Threes a reason why hes on the metagrudge list"  Id like to clarify that the metagrudge list is not real. I have never metagrudged anyone because going after someone for something the did in a past round is stupid. Doing something to someone in game because of something they did OOC is also stupid. I think the entire concept of metagruding is be stupid.

The Over-Escalation most likely refers to rev rounds and a rev round where I stunned and killed a rev trying to kill a sec and in no way could I take them to sec or evac due to the fear of being killed brutally by a hoard of revs. Escalation in rev rounds is hard when you cant tell who is shielded and me doing that was bad. I saw yesterday a warden shoot down an entire group of people that included the hop because they were trying to get onto evac. My point being I presumed that the sec rules were deferent for revs due the nature of the gamemode. This is really the only case of Over-Escalation i can think of sec wise.

For the self antiaging i do agree that I did go to far with stealing the hos's locker for clothing and should properly not break heads lockers just to steal some of their clothes.  I also agree that I make really out there schemes to just be an annoyance that is not is not okay even if its because of sec being bad at their jobs I should not make an entire department mad because because i was wronged by one guy.
I can agree im kind of a shitter on LRP and to me thats  because you cant seem to find opportunity to roleplay, and the only real way is to either commit a small crime and go to court that never happens or get lucky and find someone to talk to that also is not actively being a problematic person.
(this is talking about passenger/mime) 

I think I should be given a second opportunity to be able to play and enjoy the game and learn from my past mistakes 

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13 hours ago, nikthechampiongr said:

 Would you like to add anything else to your appeal?

it got fixed!! yippie i do have a question. do i just make a new appeal at this point because this one is like really outdated. but I think I got my point across in the statement above and if i was to make another one it would most likely be the same text above worded differently and more condensed. 

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4 hours ago, Chief_Engineer said:

You shouldn't make another appeal while you have one open, but feel free to make a post on this appeal to update or correct anything you'd like

Thank you for letting me know

the only thing i would change is the ban reason to the updated reason and to have everything in my second post to be my 
Reason the ban should be removed:

and to make a agreement that the entire "Metagrudeing" thing can be disproven. I made a joke about having someone on the metagruding list in LOOC and to make the claim that i metagruded anybody cant be proven.

There is a list but it is not for metagruding. If you would like to see the actual list id be willing to send it as a text file on discord or a edited version without names in the replies as it dose contain IC names of people and 1 OOC name of a very toxic person who is banned from the wizden discord.

most of the file is just plans for nukies and syndies to be honest and it think half the names are just people I trained or memes.


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