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What antags do you want to see in the final game?

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Obviously they won't have every single antagonist type from ss13 at launch, but hopefully whatever they don't add can be added later either by official devs or on community servers. Also probably not all of them would end up being present on the same server at the same time. So feel free to post what antagonists you would like to see in the final game. I'll start:

Main antagonists (roundstart spawns):

From /tg/:

Traitor, Changeling, Nukies, Revs, Blood cult, Clock cult (Hail Ravtar), Wizards, Families, Heretics

From goon:

Conspirator (but only in rp servers), spy thief, vampire, flockmind (probably unlikely as it isn't even finished on goon yet)


Side antagonists (Mid round spawns):

From /tg/:

Abductor, Blob (I don't think blob deserves its own gamemode), xenomorph

From goon:

Wraith, werewolf, sleeper agent, syndicate gunbot, queen spider

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