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please unban me :(


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i was playing ss14 and i usaly play as hos or ward but with no warning or any reson i got baned from playing hos and i think im baned forever i think i was baned because i havent played ss14 in a long time and i acadently got hos but i still played it and did my best but then i died and someone who was close to me teling me some guy was a traitor and i didint realy believe him but in the end we died from the guy he was accusing and when we were ghosts him and i were talking and he was being kinda a asshole and i said "well i still had fun" trying to look to the bright side but he responded with "well you made other ppl time less fun" after he said that i had to go to bed so i went to bed the nexts day im baned from playing hos and i understand i didint do the best but you could of baned me for a day or two or three but why forever like i have to learn to play a role some how but i dont think i deserved to be baned form that role forever and i would love to get my role back

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