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Unoffical Ideamen Thread.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Add Judge as a new Job.

I already outlined everything for it in this post.

Actually adding the Judge is far more about editing Wiki Pages than coding; but some coding will be needed to duplicate Lawyer to create Judge and add Judge Robes and Wig to Judge. As well as remove Judge Robes from Clown Vending Machine and add them to Lawyer Vending Machine.

Something else that would be nice, though not needed, would be to add a gavel with sound to the Judge. This could work like the Service Bell. But, have the graphic and sound switched out to look and sound like a gavel.

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20 hours ago, Changeling said:

Friend/Foe recognition for melee combat, where we can designate entities which are exclusively targeted by all our melee attacks, preventing hitting any other entity. Abusing overlapping sprites in melee is stupid.

Really? I think the way things are now makes good tactics. Should I risk hitting my friend? Should I put myself between enemies so they can hit each other trying to hit me?

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