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MountainCat - using slurs


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Ban reason: image.png.26457f9d5335306be1a33e004990a162.png
Length of ban: Appeal ban
Events leading to the ban: In general i sometimes use quite aggressive way of speaking
Reason the ban should be removed: As before i would not expect that this RP community is that sensitive to slurs, I shall do my best to adjust to the standards that the administration seems to expect.

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  • Game Admin

There is no indication that the community wants or allows slurs of any kind.
Its literally the first rule you are made to read on entering the game and on our wiki here: No hate speech, slurs... etc

Saying this is how I speak and the rule shouldn't be a rule are very poor reasons why one should unban you for breaking said rule.

Appeal Denied - You may Re-appeal no sooner than two weeks from now on 04/11/2023

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