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When can a person be permabrigged? When can an execution be requested?



Hey there, Im new to the HOS position and have had a couple griefers. Am looking for some clarification. 

When is it acceptable to permabrig someone? Are repeated escape attempts / attacks on officers a reason to permabrig someone?

My next question pertains to executions. I had to deal with one prisoner who took every oppurtunity to grief the security team. Even in the permabrig he was attacking the other prisoners / any sec member who walked in. 

Is this a good reason to request a execution from the captain?

As I understand it, if they are excessively causing problems they are ok to permabrig.

One last question. When dealing with a griefer who claims some action you took is against the rules / threatens admin action because of being arrested or searched (when youre sure you are not breaking any rules), what is the appropriate response?

When trying to do a command role and people try to rule lawyer is difficult to deal with. In instances like this where their claims seem unfounded is it appropriate to jail them while the rules can be looked over?

Just wanted some clarification. Thanks!

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