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0Night0 - "Participated in a 'coup' (again)"


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Ban reason: [Participated in a 'coup' in which they simply killed all of security and several other crew members on the 'wrong side', leading to a complete derail of the round. You may appeal this ban on the forums, it's indefinite temporarily until appeal]
Length of ban: [Indefinite until appeal]
Events leading to the ban: [I was playing as botanist, growing plants, then zombies arrived and I got banned again]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Didn't break any rules, didn't killed any secs or any crew]


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  • Project Manager

Hi 0Night0,

You were caught in ban wave #2 as we were reviewing the replay in which the attack of security occurred.

For viewing purposes, you may review the replay yourself at the following link below for the round ID 35746.


The timestamp of the attack is at the Brig, at 01:16:00 in which Cargo had attacked Security with the intent to kill several players and the HoS under the QM's command. You were present with a spear and added to a mass-ban that was done in waves.

This is still pending review with other admins on the overall situation.


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