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Ban Appeal


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(Alright, here we go again)

Ban reason: Metacomms, self antag on several rounds, ERP comment
Length of ban: Appeal only permanent ban
Events leading to the ban: From what I remember, I was talking about the round in a VC with one of my friends while attacking someone who had an emag in their hands and gibbing them. After that I said something in the chat I didn't interpret as being an ERP comment. I loaded into the next round, walked around a bit and was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe a permanent ban for metacomming is a bit much, and I know that the ban wasn't only for metacomming but still. The self antag on several rounds I didn't believe was self antaging, from what I remember it was mostly driving around on an ATV driveby punching people. And like I said in the events leading to the ban, I never interpreted that comment as being ERP. I promise I won't do any of these things again, and I'd like to start playing on wizden servers again.

PS: I've just remembered that this is a voucher ban. But I believe the requirement for a voucher of good behavior should be removed due to it being incredibly hard to get a voucher of good behavior on most servers, either for them not speaking english, no longer giving out vouchers, and being apocalypse station.

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