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Non security heads doing security's job


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Heads other than the Head of Security should not try to do security's job unless the station is desperately lacking security and officers can't be promoted from members of the crew in a reasonable time.

Heads other than the Head of Security should not try to acquire any security gear that they do not spawn with on their person, or in their office without an in character justification. They can however acquire cuffs and/or sunglasses with permission from the Head of Security.

The gear Heads other than the Head of Security get is for their own protection. They are not obligated to pursue and detain criminals, and they should not abandon their duties to do so.

Examples of IC justifications

  • The Head of Personnel wants sec-huds to more efficiently do their job.
  • A head was almost killed from an assassination attempt.
  • There is a grave danger to the station, or to the heads themselves from things such as Nuclear Operatives or Revolutionaries.
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