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[ss14 gaybe, or discord GabeA#7823] - [attemting to evade job ban via multikeying]


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ban evasion and multi-keying

Ban reason: attemting to evade job ban via multikeying

Length of ban: appeal only

Events leading to the ban: i made a account to try to avoid a job ban, but the a project manager noticed after i made a appeal for my first ban and banned me for it.

Reason the ban should be removed: It's been a week since i made the account and got banned, and during this time, I've had the chance to reflect and gain a better understanding of the rules. I now realize that my behavior was inexcusable, and I deeply regret my actions. I genuinely believe that the ban was warranted, but I also genuinely miss the enjoyable interactions with other players in the game. Playing with the community was a source of fun, and I've come to appreciate it even more during this time away. i assure  you that i have learned my leason, i am committed to following the rules from now on.

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