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Bad Day Bad Moment


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Ban reason:  Supposedly harrasment of the moderation.

Length of ban: I really don't know, there is no length, but there is no signs of perma.
Events leading to the ban: The server was killing everyone for some reason, everyone was starving and dying and people started saying i was Rdming, total chaos, i got mad and said to someone fix the bug "Lazy mf".
Reason the ban should be removed: Because i belive i won't say that again. And because i like this game, so i don't think i deserve a ban. 

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  • Project Manager

Literally every single interaction you have had with our moderation has been some combination of demeaning, negative, accusatory, or outright hostile for virtually no discernable reason. Your appeal is about the same.

Denied. Appeal again in a month.





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