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I don't like that implanting already implanted people just wastes the implant.

Not being able to see who is implanted makes the rounds very one-sided, only revs can initiate and end the round. Kind of like stealth zombies only the zombies shoot you and centcomm wont send a squad with shotguns.

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Coming from someone who has only experienced them through MRP (I haven't played LRP since levi 60 max pop)

There isn't really much "visibility" during the early phases. During traitor rounds there are levels of interaction between syndicates, sec and crew. There are clear indicators of guilt (contraband, crimes, the works) to help all those involved KNOW that this person is an antagonist.
It feels like rev is lacking in this. If a headrev is atleast the tinest bit sneaky (flashing in maint, keeping revs calm, not inciting riots etc) there is little to NO indication of revs.

While there are "indicators" they are nearly all leaning towards powergaming/metaknowledge.
I can sit watching crewmonitor all game, observe who goes where, where people are grouping up, see who is grouping up multiple times.    But thats not enough to call it, especially on MRP.
I can wander the halls and see people be in places they certainly shouldn't be, be allowed by those around them.
Again not enough to call it, especially on MRP.
I can get jumped by a totally random person, get critted, revived and (atleast on mrp) know nothing. have no indication of rev.

Other than a single flash hidden way in a headrevs pocket there is NO indication of foulplay.

It feels like I am playing a traitor shift where every single traitor has decided to go stealth and wait 30+ minutes to do anything...

QM opinion:
IS IT METAKNOWLEDGE TO BUY IMPLANTS AT SHIFTSTART? yes, ofcourse. the same with if I bought guns 10 minutes into a shift because noone commited crime (oh it must be nukies).
Compunding that, what is even a valid reason TOO buy them? I have to sit on my hands waiting for a sec to ask for them.
Who are also playing the "is this metaknowledge" game in their head as to if its even ok to implant the person.

I hope to see somekind of implimentation where upon reaching a certain number of conversions, centcomm in their omnipotence notices the flash hypnosis.

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13 minutes ago, TurboTracker said:

Other than a single flash hidden way in a headrevs pocket there is NO indication of foulplay.

It does feel like I'm being ban baited the entire shift when I'm security on LRP and it's revs. Like, I know it's revs before anything even happens because OOC I as a player know the signs and how people act. But I can't IC do anything about it, it's not specific to MRP.

By the time I can do anything about it, there's 40 geared up revs and it's not possible to resolve without dying.

There's no difference IC between a random greytider and a rev.

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Yeah rev rounds are interesting if you are there at the start of the round, and have context of what might be going on to the station. Currently it feels like I have only late joined to rev rounds, witch can be very disorienting when you immediately get crit by a "sec" officer. and then lay dead on the floor until you die because, well no one cares that your dead and you were never converted. However I would like to point out even in that situation no one was breaking any rules and they were acting in accordance to their rev laws, but it just is kind of a bummer.

Honestly I don't really know how to feel about them, I think of all the dev docs and other antags that could be implemented I think that revs really should not be a implemented until there is more varity of antagonist gamemodes. It just comes around in the rotation too often.

Other than that its a fine and playable game mode, I think Changeling is right, it has too much of a metagaming aspect to it. And when you get players who cant resist the urge to just abuse the fact that they know it might be revs they kinda ruin the fun for everyone, but that is about it no major complains from me just some mild tweaks and Revs will be a fun one.

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Rev rounds on lizard are pure toxic nonsense and as command/security I am like super unsure about anything I do now because HEY IS HE REALLY A HEAD REV? ARE PEOPLE JUST TALKING SHIT? DO I RISK GETTING BANNED FOR ACCIDENTALLY EXECUTING SOMEBODY WHO JUST HAPPENED TO ACT A BIT SUSSY AND HAD A FLASH BUT WAS ACTUALLY NOT A REV?

It'd be not even remotely as bad if it weren't for the fact that nearly every other round is a rev round. Mode happens way too often.

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I feel like revs are stupid easy to spot at the start of the round. Like I mean if a greytide gets sunglasses not even 2 minutes into the game then yeah that's kinda a dead giveaway. Besides that, LET THE SWARM GROW!

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