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My role ban appeal


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fpsg - killing the CMO

= For role/job bans =

Role(s): the whole security department
Length of ban: only removed via appeal
Events leading to the ban:  I was just walking around in med when I got the dumb idea of killing the chief med officer. I walked up to one of the doctors and made him call the chief. Then we go in maintenece with chief and this is when I striked. I knocked him out and cuffed him. He managed to call out right before I removed his radio. And finaly I killed him, shoved in a locker and launched him into space. Then I myself died from space exposure.
Reason the ban should be removed: I think you should unban me because I have learned my lesson. Breaking roleplay is a stupid move which only ruins the game for others

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Denied for the following reasons:

  • Your play history between now and your prior ban is sporadic at best. I am unsure that we have established a proper pattern on your behavior.
  • Notes since your last ban which would indicate you probably still aren't fully aware of the rules.
  • Two prior bans for lying, giving me a lot less faith that you would be telling the truth.
  • Your appeal is virtually a copy-paste sans changes to minor details of all of your prior appeals. If you want your appeal considered put some effort into it more than once.

Appeal in two weeks, preferably with a well-written appeal that isn't a near mirror image of your old ones and preferably with some solid playtime to back it up.

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