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FridgeNuker [Mouse ERP?]


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Banned on Wizard's Den US West
Ban Reason: Violating Zero Tolerance Policy of NSFW
Ban Length: Indefinitely
Events leading up to the ban: Was starving to death as a mouse and tried to beg for food to some operatives. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I messed up and did something that some would consider to be ERP. Can't really say much more then I didn't mean it in a sexual way and more of a 1960s cartoon way, but I get why I messed up. I should add that I've seen people use language that is also NSFW (slurs) but just not as lewd and they were fine.

Reason the ban should be removed: Obviously just messed up and won't do it again. Not actually into ERP or mice for that matter, and will refrain for joking around about this sort of stuff in future.

Thank you for your time/consideration,



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