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wedge_x / asking why a moderator doesnt warn others for posting memes then getting discord banned for it


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Discord account: wedge_x
Date of ban: 8/10/2023
Events leading to the ban: aight so i admit i posted a meme right so i deserved the warn so i just talk to the guy about it and i ask why he doesnt warn others for posting memes, so i give some examples then he just bans me :/ aparently i was "ruling lawyer" this kinda felt targetted
Reason the ban should be removed: doesnt feel that fair that i get banned for posting memes and saying hes not warning others about it

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you've been told multiple times not to post memes or otherwise be disruptive. We're not looking for you to nit-pick when we did or did not catch someone posting something, we're looking for you to be compliant about it. You revealing that you just want to "take the warn" indicates to me that you would likely continue to be a problem if unbanned. 

Denied. Appeal in two weeks.

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