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[ss14 gaybe, or discord GabeA#7823] - [/suicideing as chief engineer afer getting detained for attempting to get into brig's armory, rule 16. banned from using command roles]


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Role: command roles

Length of ban: indefinite

Events leading to the ban: i spawned as chief engineer, Nuclear Operatives almost immediately broadcast there message, dont remember what it said. i ask a security officer if i can get a gun, he says no, i then attempt to break into brig's armory and get caught, i start running for brigs command center the officer that saw me start to follow me in, i attempt to go down trash chute, finally get caught and cuffed, i then /suicide getting the attention of the admins.
sorry if some of this information is wrong or missing, this is what i could remember.

Reason the ban should be removed: i will not suicide as apart of command or any role anymore, this is my first ban and i apologize if i had ruined the round because of this, please let me be apart of command again

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