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Soloflows11 - RDM/AHELP LEAVE


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Ban reason: [[RDM As a non antag, attacked and killed someone with a bat, then took hamlet ghost role and started attacking players. Left during ahelp. Please contact us on the forums to continue the ahelp. ] (I am unaware on what forum to post for the ahelp to continue so I will do this one.)
Length of ban: [Perm]
Events leading to the ban: [I was a lawyer and I just had spawned in mid round. I was looking for prisoners to assist in court, until I found a baseball bat. The baseball bat I wanted to return towards security so I started heading towards security. I saw the other lawyer, with a dehydrated carp (or so I thought) it turns out he had a carp plushie and was just pressing Z which activated the carp making me confused. I thought that this can kill someone so I took action trying to murder him, not a good idea but I didn't really know what to do. I started swinging the bat at him because I thought that's what I should do before the "carps" got released. Now the hamlet Incident I cannot explain but I will take full action for it, for example a week ban or 1/2 day ban. Or even anything.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I wish to be removed from being banned cause I think I explained everything needed, the reason I left ahelp was because I had school soccer and I had to leave for practice. At the time I thought that the incident was over cause I explained myself so I left. But now I joined with a ban, I think all these reasons were explaining on why I should be unbanned.]


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You already have a prior ban for blatant RDM with immediate disconnection. Then you started biting people as hamlet citing you were "mentally ill". 

And a cursory check of the logs reveals that the admin began messaging you on 10-04-23 at 5:04 PM, and you left the server no later than 10-04-23 at 5:05:38 PM.

In conclusion, I think you are completely lying. Appeal again in two weeks.

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