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Ban reason: [I do not know, I went to play and it said I was banned for 'Datacenter']
Length of ban: [Permanent]
Events leading to the ban: [As far I know I've done nothing in game to get banned. I played a normal round last night and went to bed, and when I got on tonight it said banned for 'Datacenter']
Reason the ban should be removed: [I think it may have been issued in error. I got a similar message awhile back and it instructed me to turn my VPN off, which I did.]

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This is because IP ranges that are known to be used by VPNs or Hosting services are blanket banned because they are abused heavily. Turning off any VPN or proxy services and using your home internet connection usually resolves this.

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Datacenter bans aren't applied to specific accounts, they're applied to IPs used by things like virtual private networks (VPNs). If you are using a VPN, disabling it should allow you to connect to Wizard's Den servers. If you are not using a VPN or something similar, but still cannot connect, please do any of the following:

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