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Superglue - Banned for giving out AA, as HoP, by mushroomLavender


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= For role/job bans =

Role(s): All Command Roles
Length of ban: Until Appeal, According to mushroomLavender
Events leading to the ban: Captain gave out AA to Clown, so I started to give out "AA" to 4 other people. 2 Sec, 1 Senior Researcher, 1 Mime. Added permissions to 1 botanist, no Command. See video at 25 minutes and above. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7GlO9gzRoA

Captain gave out AA to clown.
Reason the ban should be removed: An overreaction based on what's happening.

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giving out random people random amounts of unwarranted access is not appropriate play and another player doing so does not justify you in doing it yourself. You also seem to illustrate in your relay conversation that you gave out a significant amount of access based upon metagaming factors (ex: exclusively doing so based on who can and cannot be naturally selected as an antagonist; "clown or mime can be the only antags, clown can't shoot") which in itself would also be an issue. This also for some reason involved you removing the communications console from its usual area to your personal oversight.

Denied. Since this is only a roleban preventing you from playing head roles, appeal again in two weeks.

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