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[Admin Name Unknown] - Znooze, Znooze#1662


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SS14 Account: Znooze

Character Name: None, I was offline during ban.

Server of ban: Only server I play is Wizards Den Lizard - [US West] but I wasn't online during the ban.

When was the ban: Sometime today or between yesterday and today.

Your side of the story: I was offline, I get on and all of a sudden I get a pop up that says something along the lines of me being banned for using a racial slur, the "Nword" which I don't and have never used.

Why you should be unbanned: This is a false claim, I have never used the word online let alone on this game at all, and I am usually pretty good at following the server rules as well so this is unusual. I also have really fun characters that make the experience more fun, I believe my ban was unfair.

Anything else we should know: N/A

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