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wedge_shape/wedge_x -talking about a ban on discord then getting banned ingame


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Ban reason: "bragging about my ban for electrifying doors"
Length of ban: a week
Events leading to the ban: 
ill talk about my 1 day ban first. i was electrifying doors(because it was funny yea) and ive served my time(1 day by repo) i didnt realise it was self antag because when i touch it gloveless it doesnt instantly kill me so i thought it was a not really lethal prank, as a was a little bored
now when i got banned a second time for a week i went onto discord right and was talking about it, i didnt realise that there was a no talking about bans rule as i dont feel like reading most discord server rules as most of them are all the same(ex: no nsfw, no toxicity etc) and i didnt realise why people were being so mean to be when then a mod showed me the rule. then i just realised that i couldnt talk bout it. but for some reason they extended my ban for A WEEK! even though matters were in DISCORD not THE GAME as rule 7 does not say anything of punishments in game bans, they should of just banned me for a week on DISCORD instead

Reason the ban should be removed: i think that the ban should be removed since, why would something i do in the discord effect my game ban? i was also unaware of the rule at the start or middle of the convo as i was only told that there WAS a rule right after they said i would get banned for a week. for example imagine getting banned ingame when u broke a rule in the discord, i am already aware that i should not do anything i mentioned before, the only reason im asking this is this feels kind of unfair for me as i dont get to play my (current) favourite game for a extra week :(

also a request that none of the people who was talking to me respond to this directly this includes:
/etc/Sammy Boy (mirino)
both discord usernames
the reason for this is i want someone to look at this with a clean slate rather than someone who was at there at the time

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you came into the discord bragging about how electrifying doors was a “funny prank” and how you only did it because you were “bored” and you felt a day ban was “nothing”

players do not want to deal with you deciding to grief because you’re bored and then proceed to intentionally break the rules and take the ban.

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You were instructed more then once not to talk about in-game bans. We historically have modified in-game bans based upon user behavior within the discord, especially if that person demonstrates they are likely to attempt the same behavior or want to continually talk about their ban after being told to stop.

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  • Game Admin

I'll try save us all a bit of time here, the only reason you got a day ban was because during the aHelp you indicated that your intent was just to prank/zap people not kill them intentionally but its clear after seeing your comments on discord you were just self antag'ing with the intent to cure your boredom.

You have shown no remorse for the action in the discord chats nor this appeal and I see no reason to change the ban length freeman appended to your current one.
I will however give you a warning if you keep trying to push this issue, attempt to evade the ban, continue to cause drama in discord you will just end up with an even longer ban.

Maybe take the week of freedom and go for a hike and reflect on why bragging about killing a bunch of people and how you got off easy is not the wisest move to make in a public forum.

Appeal denied.

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