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Stupid minigame idea: Ravish


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A while ago I was playing on Lizard, and completely removing a part of medical to move it to a bigger room, it gave me an idea for a new game mode.

It goes like this;

The entire crew? Engineers. Only engineers. Maybe even CEs. No syndies, no nukies, just engineers. They all have tools, and they all have jetpacks. Everyone arrives on their own escape pod one by one, arriving, getting thrown off (along with a mini jetpack full of an air mix), and the pod leaves all within the span of three seconds, with each pod arriving in a half-second delay (Mid-game joiners arrive this way, too). This is purely for efficiency and lag reduction.

Now, all the engineers are floating in space, and some of them have probably already flown onto the station. What's the objective now?


The objective of the minigame is to completely decimate the entire station. Once there are NO grids detected in-game and all that is left are resource pieces and items, the round ends as a major tax reduction victory.

I know it sounds stupid, but can you imagine how satisfying and socially bonding it would be to collaborate to obliterate a station instead of it obliterating us for a change? think about barratry! Or even aspid! Joining with your fellow engineers as you take a thirty-minute break to have some fun tearing through a station like a little singulo.

"Git infuriates me bro just let me commit the changes you freaking guy" -Obama, maybe


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