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Fardoche0 - Use of the F Slur


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Ban reason: Banned for using extreme slurs (F slur)
Length of ban: Appeal Ban (Indefinite)
Events leading to the ban: I've unlocked on the day of my ban Research Director and tried a strat i like of collecting Communications keys (I mostly only ask for Cargo and sometimes will go for other ones) And i've been up to this point generally succesful enough to get one without any problems whatsoever. Except when i did finally unlock and play RD, i tasked myself of doing the same thing and encountered multiple games in a row the same Quartermaster who absolutely refused to give me either an Encryption Key or a Cargo Headset every single game, for around 4-5 games. While i've been hella confused every single time, and tried to give logical reasons for why i would need it and why i want it. Every single time, it just been a dragging match of wasting my time for the refusal of something which is neither dangerous nor has any reasons to be refused/delayed except being an asshole. Meanwhile during those 4-5 games, my department was relatively getting dragged trought the mud by Command Communications every single time because we failed both to receive artifacts, make any amount of actual progress or helpful things for the crew and generally just catching huge Ls and strays from every side which lead to both some amount of stress and huge amounts of frustration. After an absolute nightmarish game of Detroit (which i actually think is super fun to play) due to Cargo Quartermaster being an absolute pain, Atmos spacing our department twice, Command Channel absolutely shitting on Science and most crew just being dicks, the ceaseless amount of impossible requests we couldn't possibly fulfill with both our ressources and manpower and just a lack of accomplishments on our side.  I actually was done with playing RD went Medical Intern for a single round then came back to RD again in the hopes of actually having a Cargo rotation and being able to have the single thing i wanted from all of this session of playtime which was an headset, after asking a teamate to do it for me while i setted up Science for our possible huge projects, and him being refused once again by the same QM, i went to Cargo to set up the teleporters and ask for this item. While being refused and me asking multiple times again in an increasingly frustrated and malding tone both in my words and my attitude, one of the cargo teamate went to get me one and while he was out to get it, i ended up bickering again with the same QM and him basically saying that i was being (not in his exact words) a spoiled child and things like such. Which at this point, i kept asking him actual reasons for him to refuse such a simple thing in an increasingly rapid and frustrated tone, something along the lines of: 

''Why?'' ''What reasons do you actually have?'' ''What reasons do you actually have except being a f**g*t?'' : Which then prompted the whole room (The Cargo Tech and a Medic behind me in line) to react in a negative way while the QM reacted in kind of a disbelieved way that he had managed to push me this far. Not being really shocked by the usage of the word but more of the fact i did use it. This then followed (/happened during) by getting pulled from the front desk of Cargo by the Medic and getting chewed by the same person, then ignored. Which prompted me to leave still frustrated and having that little feeling of both embarassment and impending doom. Soon after being dragged around in a box by one of my fellow scientist, WilliamTheHuman contacted me, i wanted and asked the Admin if i could talk with the QM (not from the get go and after a slight back and forth) and actually try to understand whats been going on these last few games because for me, this felt like powertripping and trying to basically either push me to disconnect out of rage from the game or self-antag. (not mentionned to the Admin except the powertripping but not relevant in the Admin chat) I knew that apologizing would to the Admin would do nothing, i still did and i still wanted to understand the whole reason for this treatment i received during these games by the QM and leading to Commands basically dunking on me, im very aware that the response most players would give me if they read this post and had to answer for him would be along the lines  ''move on and cope'' I don't think thats what most QM would have treated me, i understand the refusal if you see someone being annoying over Coms but at no point i feel it was deserved. I mostly think it was playing off my frustration and meta-gaming with it.  

Reason the ban should be removed: I very likely overreacted for something small, this is not how i feel however due to it happening on repeat for what felt like hours, even after writing this and rereading it. No matter how i feel about this situation, i should've contacted an admin way earlier. Even if at this moment, i feel stupid writing so much texts over a mistake that could've been avoided if i contacted one, for my own sakes and the sakes of other players, i could have tried to mitigate my frustration and atleast try to set up a form of safe venting by either bringing my problem to an Admin (and hopefully have a way of communication with the person i had my problem with) or getting off the game/role. I could've tried harder to not put myself in this situation where i started to use the game as an outlet of my own anger and instead expungiate myself from the current trouble i was feeling. I am typing this directly after being banned maybe an hour and half after, definitely feels more as i wrote all of this in one sitting (Admins have the information between my ban and this post) I feel like a dunce, it definitely helped me feel better to write all of this tho. I truly feel sorry for whoever will have to read this mess of a wall of text, dont expect this to happen again,  i definitely wasn't in my usual headspace and i got carried way too much by the game and my own emotions. I will make sure this doesn't happen again in the future and try contacting an admin no matter how silly i feel about it. Now everyone can point and laughs and hopefully, by my post, you all see i'm a reasonnable human being, who just wanted a Cargo headset :(

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I don't haha, only Cargo is truly useful as Science, even when having a teleporter, it can save up a lot of time due to how time restricted Science is and how much can be asked depending of the map, Information is key, literally. Eithier for shooting the shit with Cargo, getting updates when Supplies arrive and when you can come fetch them instead of wasting time doing back and forths and getting a bunch of players slipping inbetween your Department doors.   Engineers too is usefull for Science but once you know how to repair spacings it become quite redundant

Engineers you wan't Security, Medicine and Science.  Rest is purely useless

Rest of roles i haven't played enought to exactly figure out which one would or would not be useful

Medicine might want Security for looking out for Nukies victims and generally just seeing the chaos of them slowly die, even if Botanist is most likely the best depending if you are Chemist or not

Security? Any keys to be honest should be good but i wouldn't know what works and what doesn't 

There's many reasons to want communication keys, mostly if your Department is down you still have a way to contact privately other channels, sometime for RP and sometime just to be more efficient.

Personally, playing Engi and trying to be ahead of Science fucking up or Security getting pitbulled is fun, helps also if you dont know the map to just go on a stroll, collect the keys you need, pinpoint Departments and points of interests than continue the rest of your shift until trouble or troubled.

Obviously, it not that deep and i dont understand how what am saying is relevant in any forms but hopefully that clears it up for you 
Also it literaly impossible getting every key and using them except if you wanna rock 2-3 headsets in your bag which is cringe max.


Encryption keys are underrated AF, fun to use, it basically walking with a TV and having a single one in your Department changes a lot when people can just ask you to make supply request for them while they work on Borgs and you continue working on your stuff. Too many times it ends up with like 2-3 scientists just waiting at Cargo for plasma only to end up with plasma glass.



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Going around collecting encryption keys from other departments pre-emptively could probably be classified as some degree of powergaming. Even still, people in that department are in no way required to give you an encryption key just because you ask. I would suggest you stay in your lane instead of trying to insert yourself into cargo every round and then get upset when the QM tells you they're not giving you an encryption key.

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Yes, you are absolutely right, i did not see it this way. What wouldn't be considered pre-emptively tho? 5-10-15-20 minutes? I feel like it kinda nitpicking at this point but you are right, no one owns any Department anything and so on. Definitely haven't registered that yet enough to be mature about it. 

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I am changing this to a 48 hour ban. I would suggest the following:

  • It probably isn't a good practice to constantly collect encryption keys. Ask for them if you like, but understand you are in no position to demand them from other departments and if you steal one you could certainly be arrested IC.
  • Other department heads are not required to give you whatever you want, nor should you single out particular players because they won't do what you prefer.
  • It goes without saying that regardless of the circumstance slurs are not appropriate.

Your ban will automatically expire in 48 hours, accepted.

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