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berndlauert88 - self antagging, forum spam


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SS14 account username: berndlauert88
Ban reason: "repeated self antagonism especially against security in the last two weeks, all around undelightful to play with, then going to the forums to post garbage, appeal only"
Date of ban: sun 21/05/2023, about 09:00 PM (if time in forum is UTC, else 7PM because it was UTC +2 here)
Length of ban: at first wed, 24.05.2023 05:55 PM UTC, afterwards appeal only

Events leading to the ban:

I wrote a shitton about that in my last appeal, more details could be found there.

As far as i can still remember, I got temporarily banned because of my repeated self antagonistic behaviour at first and then the length of the ban got increased to permanent, due to me posting a provocative spam appeal on the forums.


Reason the ban should be removed:

My ban was totally justified, I'm at fault and guilty of doing the stated things leading to the ban.
However, now it has been about 4 months since my ban and first appeal. I regret behaving this way, I can see how I degraded the experience of other players and wouldn't want this happening to myself as well. I did study the rules further immediately after appealing the first time, further preventing possibly disregarding them again. Though it's not necessary to do that to find my errors, it's obvious that I was in the wrong if you apply some common sense. There was quite some time to think about that.

Also, even the warning points of my first spam appeal have already expired. But there was more to that than just the spam, the post did show my immaturity regarding this ban back then, the spam was not the biggest issue with that.


I'm not even sure if I am going to play again, but wanted to get over with this.

Best regards,

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